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Email is a secure and easy way to communicate both internally and externally in business. The most important notifications will be received through email and critical information and files are also kept in email storage. So it is important to pick an email solution that will not only let you send and receive emails, but it might also offer additional service tools.

WEBSOUL TECHSERVE is the most reliable email service provider and helps you to create an unlimited number of email account with your own domain. We help you to create many accounts as you need, without any extra cost. You will get a user-friendly interface, to create and receive business emails and other features are add ons. The various tools provided by our email service includes contacts, shared contacts email, calendar, file storage and sharing, voice and video conference options, instant messaging, team chat, etc.

Give a professional look to your email with WEBSOUL TECHSERVE’s email solutions. We offer spam and virus protection to your inbox and keep your privacy by protecting your email reading or scanning for advertising purposes.     0484 4861466, 9947218000

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